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Jean Louis Verdier
Natural & scientific illustrations - Insect painting


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Jean-Claude Bessette
Far (but so far?)from a naturalist observation, the poetic universe of a talented enameller.
Louis De Torhout
Astonishing work hyperrealist, by a sculptor in the great tradition of the National Museum of Natural History.
Laurent Le Penru
A rather delirious insect-sculptor, but starting his work by a rigorous observation of nature.
François Chapelain-Midy
This missed great sculptor leaves us works of high quality, with insects for subject.
Séverine Cadier
Splending work of a ceramist, about seeds, under-tended by ecologists concerns.
Sherrie York
Artist illustrator and naturalist, she is equally at ease using her sketch-book or translating her images into lino-cuts. You can access the site via her blog "Brush and baren".
Joe A. MacGown Art
"the american friend". A very good scientific illustrator, working on insects for the National Museum of Natural History of Mississippi. But he's too a delirious artist! See also his beautiful ink-drawings of american barns.
Joël Héras, photographe
Photograph, he shows us, by a technology that he has developped,the insects in flight, with attitudes which one did not imagine.
The Office for insects and their environment, with his review "INSECTS", offers a source of scientific informations clear and readable by everybody.
The study of exotic-insects carried me out to that of primary-forests and their inhabitants, threatened by deforestation, dam-projects, mining and petro-chemical industries etc... Survival International helps the indigenous peoples to defend their life, to protect their territoty, and to decide themselves of their future.
the web-site for animalist artists

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